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About Me & Tipsy-Ink

I have a tendency to randomly become passionate about one cause or another. I'm that loud, in your face, honest, overly energetic shorty with a penchant for writing. I love books and poetry and the music that inspires me to write. But more importantly I’m a girl with a voice and an ability to use it.

I'm a YA/NA urban fantasy writer named Tiffany. I love to write and create imagery with words but mostly, I love the bond you build with your readers. When you paint them a picture so clear through words only you can feel, when they feel the same attachment to your work as you…. There’s no better feeling of accomplishment in my eyes. Take a look for yourself

"Your art is only limited by your imagination”

Welcome To Tipsy-Ink! 

Basically Tipsy-Ink is a website thst will include updates on Book Releases, Excerpts from current projects, Book Reviews, News on other Tipsy-Ink Writers, shameless blasts about favorite books and authors and musicians:D 

So the name Tipsy-Ink, where did it come from you ask. Simple, my name is Tiffany and my friends called me Tippy all through high school, somehow that developed into the name Tipsy or the occasional Tipsy T.

How did I get named Tippy/Tipsy, well  I’ll be honest... I’m a bit of what you would call a klutz, very accident prone. I have been known on multiple occasions to trip over air, stub my toes in broad daylight, loose my balance standing still with both feet on the ground and I am notorious for dropping things of importance. The more important it is the harder it falls. The word Ink is pretty self explanatory, it's a play on the word Inc.

Make sure to check for back frequently for updates usually posted in the blog or in the Calendar (located on the sidebar of most pages). The calender will keep you posted on the book releases as well as excerpt info, freebies, giveaways and newsletter send outs; even things like author birthdays. 

The Excerpt Page includes web  content and links for WIP books.

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