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Change in Book Reviews          and Blogs

11/22/2013 4:05AM

Ok so due to some formating issues with the company that hosts my website and this blog I've decided to slowly but surely move all book and movie reviews to my blogspot and wordpress. You can view each review on either site depending on your view preference but each site will have basically the same blogs.

With that said, I've also decided to keep this blog strictly Tipsy-Ink News. So anything pertaining to writing projects and what not will be posted via this blog! It's a simpler blog that barely accepts html so I was spending wayyyy more time then I should have formating reviews and giving myself a shit ton of headches. It was crazy and turned me into a grouch while on the computer lol. I literally had to add the html coding for fonts, on each line I wanted to change. When your dealing with a review you've already written it kinda makes it a hassle. Oh and then there is the whole no text box thing which is just ridiculous. If webs ever get back on the ball and starts working on this app I might consider using it again but as of right now it's way too simple for my taste.

But on the bright side. Now, I can spend the free time I have writting my own books and releasing teasers for you all  I still encourage you to follow this blog via Bloglovin so you can get an email whenever I post something new! If your a linky user then you can follow that way too. I'm post the clickable follow links at the bottom of this blog post. Now if your interested in the schedule for any book review/cover reveals/book blitz/guest posts/inteviews for the time being you can find them on the right hand sidebar on this site. Once I've intergrated a calendar to my wordpress and blogger you can find them there.

Review submissions will continue to be done the same way, via the contact box under the tab contact or on the blog of your preference. For each blog there will be a page in the navigation entitled Book Reviews, the submission form is located on that page. You can navigate through all my pages pretty easily as they all have a way to get to the Tipsy-Ink website. I hope you continue to follow my blogs and stay tuned for updates on any Tipsy-Ink Project.

Also, I'm working on the edits for a short story series by Mike Antony Antonietti titled Plain Jane. I'll make sure to post on the blog once the buy links go live ^_^ 

For Information on how to have your book reviewed please refer to this post

The Road To Recovery: 
   News From Tipsy-Ink

07/31/2013 2:10AM

So let me begin by giving myself a pat on the back and saying I completed the 'Evil Dead Challenge" which I'm a couple of months late reporting on... oopppssiiee But really I've always been a fan of the series so there was no way I was gonna miss that one. The movie was great, really I loved the direction they took it. The movie had the right amount of gore and the perfect creep factor. I didn't jump as much as I anticipated but I definitely cringed. The actors did a superb job, and the character development was pretty realistic. All in all, the Tipsy-Ink team gives this one and 9 outta 10.

I've also had the pleasure of crossing a couple of movies off of my list but I gotta admit I'm behind on that as well.

Any-who, this post isn't really about that, now is it? As the title suggests, you'll be getting a quick rundown on whats been going on and what's up with the ghost act I kinda pulled the last couple of months.

First, I feel obligated to apologize for the lack of any sort of contact but I recently got sick, a pretty severe case, and I've kinda been focusing all my energy on recovering. I needed a bit of time to myself to get used to the limitations I now have to deal with and get used to my new routine of sorts.

NO, I have not nor will I stop working on my books and they still have a projected release date. I love my characters and the story they helped me create so not writing that and sharing it with all of you is not even an option to consider. YES, the promised excerpts for Knock Me Off My Choos were scraped but the story is still very much in development. I have a tendency to go through my work a million times over before I'm happy and the chapter I was hoping to release was still way under-developed so I scrapped the release of the excerpt and kinda went back to the drawing boards. There will be a release sometime in the near future with a small excerpt for this series but until its typed and undergoing the editing process I won't be announcing the release for it. So please bear with me.

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Late as usual

01/06/2013 4:06AM

So I'm late with the posting, as usual.... but in my defense, my arthritis has been kicking my tush and hanging me out to dry. I'm posting a small excerpt now. I still have some other projects I have to work on so bare with me as I trudge through all of them.

I do apologize profusely for the wait and hope you guys like what I have so far.

The excerpt I'm posting is for The Birth Curse Series Book 1 titled Gifted. Once the book is finished and published you can find this excerpt in the first portion of the book title The Latency.

In case you missed Awakened, The Birth Curse Series takes place in a world similar to our own but crawling with supernatural beings run by "The Council"

In book 1 you'll meet two girls Zahara and Sienna both completely different and you'll see how they respond to the challenges of being a supernatural being in a world where you must protect the ignorance of humans as well as their lives. Keep in my lol this is just a rough explanation of the book, so you'll have to wait for the book to be finished in order to get the final run down of the story.

Also, sometime this week I'm hoping to have the short story I promised a couple of weeks ago up for reading as I work on the cover... this book 'When the clock strike twelve' will be free indefinitely on Smashwords so if you don't have an account with them I recommend you do that, there are alot of good books for free on the site.

And lastly, I'm hoping to have another excerpt typed up for a completely non supernatural series I'm writing called Knock Me Off My Choos follow the high school hi jinks of best friends Holly Sanz and Rhyz Sinclair on their quest to find their very own Cinderella type fairytale love.

Go ahead and send me an email via The Contact Form or post a comment below. I'll respond as soon as I get the notification lol

- Tiffany

The Excerpt can be found under the tab titled Excerpt.

If for some reason you are unable to view the excerpt via the online webviewer you can find the excerpt on Scribd. The link will be posted in the drop down menu under the tab tiltled Excerpt. Seriously it's that simple.