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The Road To Recovery: News From Tipsy-Ink

Posted on July 31, 2013 at 2:10 AM

So let me begin by giving myself a pat on the back and saying I completed the 'Evil Dead Challenge" which I'm a couple of months late reporting on... oopppssiiee  :P

But really I've always been a fan of the series so there was no way I was gonna miss that one. The movie was great, really I loved the direction they took it. The movie had the right amount of gore and the perfect creep factor. I didn't jump as much as I anticipated but I definitely cringed. The actors did a superb job, and the character development was pretty realistic. All in all, the Tipsy-Ink team gives this one and 9 outta 10.

I've also had the pleasure of crossing a couple of movies off of my list but I gotta admit I'm behind on that as well.


Any-who, this post isn't really about that, now is it? As the title suggests, you'll be getting a quick rundown on whats been going on and what's up with the ghost act I kinda pulled the last couple of months.


First, I feel obligated to apologize for the lack of any sort of contact but I recently got sick, a pretty severe case, and I've kinda been focusing all my energy on recovering. I needed a bit of time to myself to get used to the limitations I now have to deal with and get used to my new routine of sorts. 


NO, I have not nor will I stop working on my books and they still have a projected release date. I love my characters and the story they helped me create so not writing that and sharing it with all of you is not even an option to consider. YES, the promised excerpts for Knock Me Off My Choos were scraped but the story is still very much in development. I have a tendency to go through my work a million times over before I'm happy and the chapter I was hoping to release was still way under-developed so I scrapped the release of the excerpt and kinda went back to the drawing boards. There will be a release sometime in the near future with a small excerpt for this series but until its typed and undergoing the editing process I won't be announcing the release for it. So please bear with me.


Birth Curse is coming along, slowly but it is coming along. The characters all seem to want to tell there story at the same time so sifting through whats absolutely necessary for this particular book has become a tad grueling. I do have a couple more excerpts planned for this series but they might not necessarily be for this book.


Also, I'm actively seeking an artist that I can trust and can mutually benefit from a joint project. The cover art for my series are still in development and while I'm not entirely sure that the cover art will be in the form of art it is a very strong possibility. I kinda have this image in my head and I'm not sure how to go about that lol so my first thought was find an artist. As soon as one is secured I'll be sure to post news on that as well as the release of the song I've chosen to represent this series. I'm really excited about the demo and I'm just waiting for the musician(s) involved to finish up the clean up process as they like to call it . I won't say much more except that, THEY ARE EXTREMELY TALENTED! :D The song will be posted on this site with the name of all musicians involved and where you can find more of their work.

And Lastly, I'm working on an anthology of sorts featuring  10 short stories and novellas. The book should be available for purchase sometime in the next couple of months so keep your eyes open for any blog posts I may put up with information on this and its release.


I would like to thank you all for your continued support. Without you this series would be nothing.

New Poem: Strive


Updated Movie List:

1. Oz The Great And Powerful

2. Warm Bodies

3. Side Effects (Netflix is my hero lol)

4. Evil Dead

(I think I may be bias cause I loved the original trilogy and Jane Levy is my mold for Heather in the Birth Curse Series)

5. Upside Down

6. Beautiful Creatures

7. 21 And Over (Thank You Netflix)

8. Jack The Giant Slayer

9. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

10. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

11. Elysium

12. The Wolverine

13. Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall

14. Man of Steel

15. Iron Man 3

16. Thor: The Dark World

17. Star Trek Into Darkness

18. Insidious: Chapter 2

19. Carrie (2013)

20. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

21. Epic

22. White House Down

23. Dark Skies

24. Hansel & Gretel

25. The Host

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