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Where the hell have you been Tipsy?

Posted on April 11, 2017 at 12:35 AM

Hello my lovelies,

I have been so extremely busy these last couple of months since I decided to getg my behind back in school and pursue dual degrees... It's been great but really time consuming so my writing took the biggest hit, my bad!

I'm currently working on a bunch of projects and I promise to post some excerpts when I get the ok on them.I've got a more mature WIP that's got some scenes written up and they are in the process of editing. My biggest problem with that guy is my own damn head lol, it's all over the place and I have a shit ton of scenes working their way around my already cluttered mind so it's not a fully fleshed out story.

This new title (which still has no name), when it's published can be found under the pseudonym Lulu T. Marie. I'm hoping to keep the two names seperate for the foreseeable future cause I have some impressionable youngins that don't need to accidentally pick those titles up. (Let's not corrupt the already corrupted youth anymore than necessary).

As for the Birth Curse Series... that's still being worked on but I hit a massive snag that forced me to go back to chapter 1 and re-work the whole thing. That gem is still my baby and I fully intend to publish that beauty in paperback as well as digitally. I've already gotten the ball rolling on that and will update you as frequently as I can. My other WIP took a back burner to B.C. and school because... I need a social life in order to write anything worth reading.

I appreciate all the unconditional love you amazing people have shown me even in my absence! The twitter love has been tremendous and to everyone promoting my freebies on instafreebie, you guys are too much <3

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